Benefits of Retail Stores Using Epoxy Color Flake Floors Over Regular Epoxy Floors

Whether choosing standard epoxy or epoxy color flake floors for your San Antonio retail store, you will enjoy incredible benefits. Because the retail industry is fiercely competitive, you need something unique to make your store stand out. You want to entice passersby to come inside your store and encourage shoppers to stay longer, which equates to increased sales.

SunEpoxy Retail Store San Antonio TX

SunEpoxy Retail Store

While it might sound too good to be true, epoxy color flake floors can help boost your business. The primary difference between epoxy and color flake epoxy is that the latter has metallic or vinyl acrylic flakes added of the same or different colors. Depending on your preferred aesthetic, the installer adjusts the volume of flakes.

Both options are strong, durable, long lasting, and easy to clean, but you will enjoy additional benefits by installing epoxy color flake floors in your San Antonio retail store.

  • Tough Finish – Of all flooring options, an epoxy color flake floor is among the toughest. In addition to its incredible shine, these floors will outlast other flooring systems. For optimal performance and protection, following the application of the epoxy coating, the installer applies a high-quality sealant like SunClear on top.
  • Versatility – Regardless if the volume of color flakes is small or large or one color or multiple colors, you can have this coating applied to multiple surfaces inside of your retail store. For example, you can choose one color for the primary floor area and another for the dressing rooms. A great marketing strategy involves using colored lines or arrows to guide shoppers to different display areas or departments. For something extraordinary, you can even have color flake epoxy applied to the checkout
  • Comfortable Surface – Because the floor’s surface is comfortable, shoppers will feel less fatigued and spend more time in your San Antonio retail store.