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Customizing Stamped Concrete Floors for a San Antonio Graphic Design Studio

Stamped Concrete Floors

Stamped Concrete Floors

While floors may not be that big of a deal for some businesses, they are when it comes to a graphic design studio. After all, as experts in a specialized field, you want to do everything possible to show your prospective clients your full creative potential. That all starts with what they see the minute they walk in your doors. One way to make a lasting statement is by having stamped concrete floors installed at your San Antonio company.

Stamped concrete floors in your San Antonio graphic design studio are perfect for leaving both potential and current clients in awe, but you can also use them as a marketing tool. As an example, using a product like SunStamp, a professional installer or contractor with experience working with decorative concrete can make the floors look exactly like brick, wood, flagstone, slate, river rock, and a host of other materials.

If your studio caters to companies that sell outdoor camping equipment, fishing supplies, hiking backpacks, and other similar products, a stamped floor that looks like wood is ideal. On the other hand, if you have high-end clients, those looking for major advertising solutions for national campaigns, you can take things up a notch with floors that resemble slate.

Another exciting aspect of stamped concrete floors is that you can also have a custom design made for your San Antonio graphic design studio. By either working with your concept or relying on an expert, the installer can make mats to produce the exact look you want. Regardless of which direction you take, there is no question your firm will making a lasting impression.

One final thing worth noting is that no matter which design you choose for stamped concrete floors, you can spend more time tending to your clients’ needs who visit your San Antonio firm than keeping your floors in pristine condition. Occasional sweeping and damp mopping are all you will have to do.

Make Your San Antonio Dental Office More Kid-Friendly by Adding Chips to Your Painted Concrete Floors

As the owner of a dental office in San Antonio that focuses on helping families, you want your patients to feel comfortable and safe. However, if you spend time working with children, you need to think creatively. For younger patients, your business should have a more kid-friendly atmosphere, something you can accomplish by having chips added to your painted concrete floorsGarage Floor Coatings

For decorative flooring solutions, people turn to stamped, polished, and stained products. While all viable options, epoxy painted concrete floors are an excellent alternative. For a business like yours in San Antonio, adding chips will completely change how the floors look.

Create a more kid-friendly environment at your San Antonio dental office by starting with a polyaspartic product like SunOne. This product cures in a day, meaning you can have the work done during non-business hours. This option is UV stable, resistant to stains and abrasions, and incredibly durable. Then, enhance the appearance of the painted concrete floors using colored chips.

For this, a professional installer selects a second product consisting of either flecks or chips. Because each comes in different color options, you would need to determine the right one for your business. For instance, for flecks, you could select Blue Coral, Cinnamon, Shawnee Red, Sky, or Peppermint, all colors that children love.

As for chips, you can go with a solid color, like blue, green, red, yellow, or brown, or multiple colors. Regarding the multiple colored chips, some of the better colors to add to the painted concrete floors in your San Antonio dental office include Rare Earth, Independence Blue, and Fire Brick.

Although you can transform the look and functionality of all the floors in your business, to make it more kid-friendly, consider creating a special play area, complete with a durable floor designed with vibrantly colored flecks or chips that are coated with rock hard seamless surface for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Garage Floors That Can Take a Beating and Still Look Incredible

Epoxy garage floors

Epoxy garage floors

For a lot of people, the garage is more than just a place to park cars. Instead, they use this part of San Antonio homes to store lawn and garden equipment, bikes, boxed goods, and so on. In fact, many have a garage/workshop combination where they work on various projects. If this sounds like you, you need garage floors that can handle a significant amount of daily use and abuse yet still look incredible.

The problem is that unless you select the right product, you will ultimately end up with abrasions, pit marks, stains, and other damages. For that reason, you should select a top-of-the-line product like SunEpoxy 100. This particular coating protects the garage floors at your San Antonio home from all this and more while, at the same time, it looks stunning.

Along with durability, you want garage floors for your San Antonio home with personality and character. With epoxy, you have a broad range of color choices. You can even have different design elements added such as metallic flakes or chips, as well as aggregates including pebbles, colored glass, and quartz beads.

The floors in your garage will resist oil and grease, hot tire marks, and the new décor will make the space more enjoyable. After all, if you spend a lot of time in your garage, you deserve an area that looks nice. With such a seamless surface, you will never worry about sustaining an injury from an accidental fall.

Also, epoxy garage floors resist moisture. When it’s time to clean out this area of your San Antonio home, simply raise the door and using a garden hose, spray out any dirt and debris. Follow that up with a squeegee to remove excess water and in no time, you can go back to working on your current project.

Create Beautiful Curb Appeal with These Fantastic Driveway Ideas

Concrete Driveway Ideas

Concrete Driveway Ideas

While many people invest in having the interior of their homes designed and decorated, they forget about the exterior. Curb appeal goes beyond enhancing the outside of a house in that it adds value. For instance, if you plan to sell your home within the next five years, any one of these suggested driveway ideas will make your property far more marketable. Even if you stay, your house will stand out as one of the most beautiful in the neighborhood.

The good news is that by using one of the top decorative concrete products available, like Classic Texture and SunStamp, there are no limitations as to what you can accomplish.

  • Old-World Charm – Especially for a Tudor or cottage style house, one of the best driveway ideas involves having the surface stamped to look like brick. If you have ever traveled to a quaint part of Europe, you probably saw brick-covered roads. You can create that same charming look at your home by having a stamped overlay applied.
  • Waterfront Property – Whether you live near Mustang Island or have a lakefront property, one of the top driveway ideas is to have an overlay applied that mimics the appearance of river rock or cobblestone. This particular design is not only stunning to look at, but it also creates a slip-resistant surface. In fact, you can have different colors added to further enhance the appearance of your home.
  • Personalization – When it comes to driveway ideas, most people want something unique. An acrylic spray texture overlay allows you to create a one-of-a-kind surface that looks beautiful and lasts a long time. The way to personalize this is by having the installer customize the overlay using masonry effects, score cut lines, or various aggregates.

Even if you live in a community where the majority of houses look the same, you can make yours stand out by changing the appearance of your driveway. Remember, when working with an expert, you can always ask for driveway ideas. Having transformed many homes, that individual can offer endless suggestions

Cool Ways to Enhance the Appearance of a Stained Concrete Floor

Exterior Stained Concrete

Exterior Stained Concrete

Choosing to have a stained concrete floor added to your kitchen was one of the best decisions you could have ever made. Whether you selected an acid-based product like SunAcid or one with a water base like SunH20, you have a beautiful flooring system that will provide you and your family with many years of enjoyment. However, you now want to amp things up by enhancing an already-gorgeous surface.

One of many possibilities is using yet another product like SunDye. If you have an acid-based floor, this remarkable coloring system can achieve two unique results. If used with water, you have an incredibly broad range of color choices. You can create an entirely different look or simply boost the original color chosen. However, if used with acetone, this liquid creates a darker monotone look. Either way, you can take your floors to a new level of beauty.

Having a different decorative concrete coating applied is another way to enhance the appearance of your stained concrete floors. Although there are endless options, one example consists of having a border or unique design added that looks like real wood, brick, cobblestone, slate, and many additional natural materials.

Aggregates also work well for changing the look of stained concrete floors. A professional installer or contractor can broadcast things like pebbles, colored glass, metallic flakes, quartz beads, and so on, in the density that you want. Not only will this enhance the appearance, but it will also create a more slip-resistant surface.

You can even go with a colored sealer. Depending on what you want to achieve, you can stick with a color similar to the stain or go with something different for a one-a-kind look. Along with improving the stained concrete floor’s look, the sealer serves as a second layer of protection. Especially in a kitchen, you would never have to worry about stains caused by spilled food or drink.