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Cool Ways to Enhance the Appearance of a Stained Concrete Floor

Exterior Stained Concrete

Exterior Stained Concrete

Choosing to have a stained concrete floor added to your kitchen was one of the best decisions you could have ever made. Whether you selected an acid-based product like SunAcid or one with a water base like SunH20, you have a beautiful flooring system that will provide you and your family with many years of enjoyment. However, you now want to amp things up by enhancing an already-gorgeous surface.

One of many possibilities is using yet another product like SunDye. If you have an acid-based floor, this remarkable coloring system can achieve two unique results. If used with water, you have an incredibly broad range of color choices. You can create an entirely different look or simply boost the original color chosen. However, if used with acetone, this liquid creates a darker monotone look. Either way, you can take your floors to a new level of beauty.

Having a different decorative concrete coating applied is another way to enhance the appearance of your stained concrete floors. Although there are endless options, one example consists of having a border or unique design added that looks like real wood, brick, cobblestone, slate, and many additional natural materials.

Aggregates also work well for changing the look of stained concrete floors. A professional installer or contractor can broadcast things like pebbles, colored glass, metallic flakes, quartz beads, and so on, in the density that you want. Not only will this enhance the appearance, but it will also create a more slip-resistant surface.

You can even go with a colored sealer. Depending on what you want to achieve, you can stick with a color similar to the stain or go with something different for a one-a-kind look. Along with improving the stained concrete floor’s look, the sealer serves as a second layer of protection. Especially in a kitchen, you would never have to worry about stains caused by spilled food or drink.

Tips for Maintaining the Newly Restored Concrete on Your San Antonio Garage Floor

Restored Concrete

Restored Concrete

Now that you have a beautiful new garage floor at your San Antonio home, you want to take the appropriate steps to keep it clean. You made one smart decision by choosing restored concrete over having the floor ripped out. Now, you need to make another wise choice in the products and processes you use to keep them gorgeous and fully functional.

To keep the polished restored concrete floors in your San Antonio garage in pristine condition, consider the following tips:

  • Microfiber Pad – If you have polished flooring, always use a microfiber pad to remove dirt. Although concrete floors look fantastic and resist a host of things, they tend to attract dust. Over time, any accumulation reduces both the clarity of color and shine. With this type of pad, you can eliminate all the stacked dust particles.
  • Wet Washing – For the garage floor at your San Antonio home, you can maintain them using warm water and a standard mop. After cleaning the surface, rinse with clean water. However, if your garage sees a lot of foot and vehicle traffic and has a significant amount of dirt, add a manufacturer-approved cleaning product to the water, then rinse. It is critical that you use a pH neutral product, like SunKleen or SunSpot, as opposed to something containing ammonia, citrus, or some other harmful ingredient that would damage your beautiful restored concrete floor.
  • Immediate Cleaning – For any spills or stains on your newly restored concrete floor, clean them immediately. Keep in mind that a professional installer will recommend that you have a sealer applied to the surface, which acts as a protective barrier. That way, if you miss something, you can still clean it without any problem.
  • Sweeping – A lot of people in San Antonio take excellent care of the inside of the home but forget the garage floors also require regular sweeping. A few times each week, use a push broom to keep your restored concrete flooring free of dirt and debris.

Mix Designs with the Decorative Concrete Resurfacing Project of Your San Antonio Garage Floor

Decorative concrete garage floor

Decorative concrete garage floor

Among the many exciting aspects of using decorative concrete resurfacing on the garage floor of your San Antonio home is the fact that you can mix designs. In other words, instead of having just one product applied to the surface, you can enhance the appearance and functionality by adding a second product. As you can imagine, that gives you creative freedom to produce a one-of-a-kind look.

Take an epoxy product like SunEpoxy 54 as a prime example. As the best coating for decorative concrete resurfacing, this 100 percent solids resin offers an impressive list of benefits. Not only does it resist stains, chemicals, oil, water, impacts, abrasions, and more, but it also looks incredible. Along with a massive selection of colors, textures, and patterns, you can beef things up with a second product, like SunChip.

When using this product for decorative concrete resurfacing, your color options expand. You can select between solid or multi-colors depending on the look you want to achieve. As for the standard colors, you have 25 incredible choices. With the multi-color group, you have an additional 12 colors. With so many possibilities, you can turn an otherwise boring garage into your favorite room of the house.

Not only that, but you can also mix product types. For instance, you could go with polished decorative concrete resurfacing for the main area of the garage and then use a stamped product to create a unique border. A professional installer can even create a specific logo or graphic image if you want a true masterpiece on your garage floor.

The bottom line is that while one top-quality product is enough to transform the garage at your San Antonio home, two or more takes things to an entirely different level. Before you settle on one design, consider all your options. Have fun changing the floor, and then enjoy the space for years to come.

5 Reasons Concrete Sealing Is Essential for an Outdoor Venue in San Antonio

Concrete sealing outdoor concrete

Concrete sealing outdoor concrete

Whether you have an outdoor theater, park, wedding venue, or something entirely different in San Antonio, you want to offer customers and guests something beautiful and unique. Using decorative concrete is one of the best solutions. You can create unlimited designs using colors, textures, and patterns. However, because your venue is outside, it is essential that you hire an expert to perform concrete sealing.

As you can see from the five examples below, using a product like SunClear UltraProtect to seal any outdoor concrete surfaces is critical for your San Antonio venue.

  1. Mold Prevention – In addition to the risk of mold growing due to the rain in San Antonio, if your venue is near the water or includes a swimming pool or water feature, you need the decorative concrete surface sealed. Concrete sealing makes an excellent mold inhibitor.
  2. Enhanced Durability – Due to the elements, your San Antonio venue could develop issues, such as scaling and cracking. Because concrete sealing serves as a second layer of protection, you would not have to worry about any damage caused by exposure. Of course, it is essential that you always start with a high-quality decorative overlay, finish, or coating.
  3. Longer Lifespan – Another reason to have concrete surfaces at your venture sealed is that a superior-quality product will help extend its life. Typically, a decorative concrete surface will last upwards of 30 years. Unless properly sealed, that time would likely decrease anywhere from 5 to 10 years.
  4. Optimum Protection – As mentioned, the process of concrete sealing provides surfaces at your outdoor venue in San Antonio with the best protection. Things like rain and UV rays that could cause damage would have no effect on a sealed surface.
  5. Color Enhancement – Although you can always choose a clear sealer, you can also have color added to the formula. If any surfaces have started to fade or you want to slightly change the look, you can have a colored sealer applied.

Give Your San Antonio Daycare Center a Much-Needed Boost with Color Flake Epoxy Floors

Garage floor Epoxy San Antonio

Garage floor Epoxy San Antonio

As the owner of a daycare center in San Antonio, you want to provide the children in your care with a fun and safe environment. You take every precaution to protect the kids from injury and illness. At the same, you give them a space full of color. Although parents trust bringing their children to you and you love caring for the little ones, you have started to notice that your concrete floors look dull and lifeless.

Even if you see small surface imperfections, there is no reason to have the entire floor ripped out. As you can imagine, that would shut down your business for weeks, if not longer. Instead, consider an epoxy coating. Along with a broad range of color and color combinations, you can give your San Antonio daycare center a much-needed boost by selecting color flake epoxy using a product like SunChip.

In addition to the incredible shine, the kids will love the small color flakes that sparkle. You can even choose from different multicolored chips based on the look you want to achieve or to coordinate with an existing theme. For instance, if your daycare center in San Antonio has a beach or island theme, Independence Blue color flake epoxy is perfect. However, if you have a nature theme, Rare Earth and Dolphin make excellent choices.

Keep in mind that in addition to completely transforming the appearance of your San Antonio daycare center, color flake epoxy gives you a durable floor that can withstand all types of things. You would never have to worry about spilled drinks, dropped toys, abrasions from them moving desks or other furniture around, and more.

Epoxy also has a nonslip surface, which significantly decreases the risk of a child falling and sustaining an injury. Offering beauty, durability, and safety, epoxy floors with colorful chips added are a great way to transform the appearance and functionality of your daycare center.