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Giving Consignment Shops in San Antonio Personality with Stamped Concrete

Although consignment shops in San Antonio sell merchandise just like traditional retail stores do, sometimes they have to work a little harder to get things sold. Consignment shops work on behalf of the item’s owner, so it is important to have a store that people find appealing. With stamped concrete, these business owners have an easier time getting potential customers inside the door and finalizing sales.

concrete stamping patterns

stamped concrete

If you own a San Antonio consignment store, you can use stamped concrete to achieve an aesthetic that coordinates with the overall décor. You can also choose a design based on the style of the building or its architectural features. In fact, with so many possibilities, you can even select a design according to the type of merchandise that you sell.

For instance, if you have a country consignment store and sell things like western wear, mason jar art, wooden benches, and so on, stamped concrete floors that replicate natural wood are ideal. However, if your consignment shop in San Antonio focuses more on clothing, jewelry, and accessories for working women, then floors that look like slate would be more appropriate.

Along with different designs, including brick, wood, slate, flagstone, cobblestone, river rock, and more, stamped concrete comes in a broad range of colors. For instance, SunStamp produces an effect that is a perfect combination of old world charm and modern technology. You can choose from beautiful colors, like terra cotta, amber, gray, and tan. If preferred, an installer can mix and match colors.

No matter what type of consignment store you have in San Antonio, you will never go wrong in choosing stamped concrete. Whether selecting a solid color or mixing and matching colors, there is a good chance that your business will grow. Not only will your beautiful flooring prompt people inside, most will stay longer to shop in the welcoming atmosphere.

How to Guarantee That You Hire the Right Bexar County Contractor for the Installation of Decorative Concrete

In the past decade, the decorative concrete industry in Bexar County has grown substantially. Because of that, some companies now sell do-it-yourself products. However, if you want a floor, fireplace surround, driveway, patio, walkway, kitchen countertop, or some other horizontal or vertical surface transformed, your best bet is to hire a professional contractor.

Sundek of San Antonio Decorative Concrete Systems

Sundek of San Antonio Decorative Concrete Systems

There are some things to consider to make sure that you hire the right contractor.

  • Experience – It is imperative that hire someone with several years of experience working with different decorative concrete applications.


  • Expertise – Because decorative concrete is now more technical, expertise is also critical. You want to hire a contractor who understands not only the application process based on the job but also the products used.


  • Quality Products – The caliber of work will depend a lot on the products that a contractor uses. Therefore, find someone who uses only the best products available, such as SunEpoxy 100, SunH20, SunStamp, SunOne, and so on.


  • Support and Service – The right contractor will also provide you with exceptional customer support and service. This person will be able to answer your questions, guide you to the best product and design, and quickly resolve any issues that might arise.


  • Referrals – Following up on referrals for contractors in Bexar County goes a long way in the decision-making process. Any contractor of interest should provide you with several references. It then becomes your responsibility to follow up, learning what other customers have to say about the contractor’s professionalism, on-time delivery, work ethic, and so on.


  • Guaranteed Services – Before locking into a formal contract with a decorative concrete contractor, make sure that you get a guarantee on services rendered. That way, if the finished project does not meet your specifications or industry standards, you have something to fall back on when seeking resolution.

Exciting Outdoor Applications for Colored Concrete in San Antonio

Colored concrete on a patioLiving in San Antonio, there is a good chance that you spend lots of time outdoors with family and friends. Instead of an ordinary space, you can use colored concrete to enhance the outdoor living experience. The best colors, patterns, and textures will completely transform your entire yard.

The patio is one of the most popular applications in San Antonio for colored concrete. Because there are so many unique decorative concrete solutions, you have the opportunity to create a patio that is unlike any other. For example, using a product called SunStamp, a professional installer can use more than one color to produce subtle or extravagant patterns or designs on the floor.

However, you can also choose this product and many others to complete the look of your patio by having colored concrete applied to walls, a fireplace surround, water feature, fire pit, and multiple other surfaces. If your patio has an outdoor kitchen, including a built-in oven and countertops, colored concrete that matches or complements the rest of the design would look stunning.

You can change the appearance of your pool deck with colored concrete, as well. For this, you might consider SunH20, which comes in a broad range of colors. For the main pool deck area, you can choose a single color or have two or more colors applied for a unique aesthetic. Around the pool or for concrete seats and a swim-up bar, a different color or color combination would create an interesting yet cohesive look.

You can also enhance a walkway using colored concrete. However, to prevent people from slipping and falling as they walk between the pool and patio, you might want exposed aggregate added. Not only would this give the path a one-of-a-kind aesthetic, the small river rocks or cobblestones would provide a nonslip surface.

Stained Concrete Can Transform Literally Any Room of Your San Antonio Home

Interior stained concrete flooring

Interior stained concrete flooring

If you thought that stained concrete was just for certain rooms of the home, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can use this decorating coating virtually anywhere. Whether you are interested in transforming the look and feel of the basement, foyer, kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, children’s rooms, and so on in your San Antonio home, you will never go wrong with this flooring solution.

Something else that you may find surprising is that an expert can install stained concrete on any concrete surface. In addition to floors, you can transform a fireplace surround, stairways, walls, countertops, and even surfaces on the exterior.

For a formal dining room or hearth room in your San Antonio home, you might consider a product called SunH20. Not only is this specialized blend beautiful, the formula includes a unique adhesion promoter. As a result, the coating sticks incredibly well to give you a long-lasting surface. This product is available in gorgeous colors that are perfect for enhancing an elegant or cozy room of the home.

To transform a younger or older boy’s bedroom, SunStamp is perfect. Available in bright and lively colors, such as blue, teal, and green, this coating will add personality and character that your child will love. With the right decorations, your son’s bedroom will quickly become his favorite place in the house for playing and sleeping.

This same product is ideal for a master bedroom or foyer. For the master bedroom in your San Antonio home, instead of choosing just one color, a professional installer can apply a primary color and then use a secondary color to create a unique design or borders. In the foyer area, you could choose two complementary colors to create a geometric pattern. With the right stained concrete products, there are endless possibilities.

Tips for Keeping the New Concrete Garage Floors in Your Home in Pristine Condition

Garage floors You are finally ready to have new garage floors installed in your San Antonio home. Although you want floors that look great and last a long time, your biggest concern involves keeping them in pristine condition.

Start with epoxy, which is the number 1 choice for garage floors in San Antonio and beyond. This flooring system is perfect for the garage because it is resistant to stains, chemicals, oil, grease, impacts, and moisture. It is even resistant to hot tire marks, which is a common problem.

As for cleaning and maintenance, epoxy is a breeze. All you have to do is dust mop it about once a week. For a small spill, you can wipe it up with a damp cloth. However, for a much larger spill, use the garden hose to rinse the floor. When finished, use a squeegee to absorb any residue.

Another excellent option for garage floors is a polyaspartic coating called SunOne. Not only is does this coating cure and dry in just one day, an installer can also apply it in both hot and cold temperatures, meaning you can have new garage floors installed during the summer or winter. Another benefit is that this flooring solution is UV stable, so that you never have to worry about yellowing or blushing.

This coating is also resistant to oil, grease, and hot tire marks, and it is easy to clean and maintain. To keep your new San Antonio garage in excellent condition, you would need to purchase a cleaning product formulated specifically for a polyaspartic coating. After applying the product to high-traffic areas, simply dust mop the entire surface once a week. Then every two weeks, you need to scrub and rinse the floor thoroughly to prevent a cleaning product buildup and a slippery surface.