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Having a Concrete Entryway for Your Business That Customers Will Love!

Sundek Concrete Overlay for Business

Business Concrete Overlay Design

Although Sundek of San Antonio offers many different outdoor concrete repair options, SunStone is an excellent choice for the entryway of your business. Remember, most people are visual. That means that not only do they notice things, but they also make decisions based on what they see. If your business has a concrete entryway that has started to show signs of disrepair, a lot of people will immediately assume the experience they have with you will fail to meet their standards.

Regardless of the type of industry or the size of your company, competition today is fierce. Because of that, you need to make an excellent first impression to both prospects and current customers who visit your brick-and-mortar location. Otherwise, they will make the wrong assumption, causing them to head straight for your competitors.

SunStone, a beautiful architectural coating that gets applied on top of an existing concrete surface, looks so much like real stone that no one will be able to tell the difference. When professionally installed on your concrete entryway, the entryway to your business will have an entirely new look that your customers will love. Just from that, they will expect a clean, organized, and sophisticated interior, along with superior products or services.

For outdoor concrete repair, there is no need to rip out damaged concrete. Instead, an artisan specially trained by Sundek will apply the Sunstone overlay on the surface using a trowel. If you want something unique that will make your business stand out, the installer can create virtually any custom texture that you want. You could have the surface look like tile, slate, travertine, or flagstone, or you could go with a customized design.

Also, you will love the color choices when using SunStamp to repair your business concrete entryway. A stain or oxide will enhance the stone design, making it appear even more authentic. With the project complete, you will get to see your customers respond positively.

Amazing Before and After Pool Deck Repairs in San Antonio, TX

Pool deck repair in San AntonioPool deck repair in San Antonio

Pool deck repair in San Antonio by Sundek

Home and business owners throughout San Antonio, Texas, discovered the incredible transformation the comes from choosing the right pool deck repair solution. With Sundek products like Tuscan, Classic Texture, SunStamp, and more, people can completely change both the appearance and functionality of pool decks.

Residential Pool Deck

As an example, one homeowner’s pool area had begun to deteriorate. With surface imperfections starting to appear, the couple thought they would have the entire deck removed and re-poured. After researching the Tuscan product, a handcrafted overlay, they discovered they could restore the existing surface.

These people had a professional installer apply a new surface in a beautiful terra cotta color. After having the pool deck resurfaced, they were so impressed that they asked a contractor to add a seating area off to the side. The same contractor covered the new concrete with the same Tuscan overlay. Now, they enjoy spending more time outdoors entertaining family and friends.

Hotel Pool Deck

Then there was a hotel owner in San Antonio, Texas. Realizing he was losing customers to the competition, he decided to give his pool area a makeover. In his case, he selected SunStone, an architectural limestone coating. With the pool deck repair done and the overlay applied, he did a little advertising. In no time, began to see his hotel business flourish.

Residential Pool deck with Classic Texture Coating

Residential Pool Deck with Classic Texture Coating

Pool Deck Repair Options

With so many incredible pool deck repair solutions, you too can change the way your residential or commercial pool area looks. Along with different overlays to resurface the concrete, you can choose from a broad range of colors or color combinations. In fact, a professional installer can add unique design elements based on what you like best. Some examples include score line cuts, masonry effects, and aggregates.

The results are stunning. Not only does the pool deck look new and fresh, but it is more durable and longer lasting. You can even enjoy a slip-resistant surface, which dramatically reduces the risk of someone slipping and getting hurt. Using Sundek products, decorative concrete overlays make the perfect pool deck repair solution.

Sundek Resurfacing Systems – Perfect for Your Outdoor Concrete Patio

Tuscan wood plank concrete patio

Tuscan wood plank concrete patio

When having family members and friends over for a backyard gathering, you want a space that looks incredible where everyone can relax. Unfortunately, your patio looks worn and outdated. Before spring arrives, you can have your outdoor concrete patio transformed. With limited time, it makes sense to skip having a surface ripped out and re-poured and to choose a decorative concrete overlay.

Without question, Sundek has the best resurfacing systems on the market. Although you can select from many different products, Tuscan and Classic Texture remain two of the most popular. Once professionally applied to an existing surface, your concrete patio will look new and rejuvenated. Even imperfections disappear or enhance the appearance of the surface.


Tuscan is a perfect solution for dramatically changing the appearance of your concrete patio. For this, a skilled artisan hand-trowels the overlay, which means that you end up with a one-of-a-kind design. Because Tuscan works for a variety of applications, as well on different surfaces, you can extend the transformation to other spaces nearby. For instance, along with a new concrete patio, you could change the appearance of your pool deck.

Classic texture concrete patio

Classic texture concrete patio

Classic Texture

Although Classic Texture is an entirely different kind of concrete resurfacing system, it too offers a host of benefits. Instead of being hand-troweled, an installer sprays this product on top of an existing surface. Again, this eliminates the need to have concrete torn out and re-poured. For something unique, you might choose to have masonry effects, custom score cut lines, or aggregates added.

Classic Texture offers many additional benefits, making it an excellent choice for your concrete patio. For one thing, it has a slip-resistant surface. Especially if you have a swimming pool, that makes it easier and safer for people to go back and forth without slipping and sustaining an injury. Also, the coating has a nonporous acrylic finish that prevents dirt, chemicals, and oils from penetrating. As a result, your concrete patio will always look fantastic.

The Perfect Solution to Bring Life Back to Your Stamped Concrete Surface

Stamped concrete repair

Stamped concrete repair

When it comes to transforming both indoor and outdoor surfaces, it is hard to beat what stamped concrete offers. Not only is this decorative overlay beautiful, it is also durable. For those reasons, plus many more, it has become one of the most popular choices for home and business owners alike. Because stamped concrete resembles a host of other materials, including brick, wood, slate, and flagstone, it can transform virtually any space.

However, an old or inferior overlay of this kind can begin to fade or deteriorate. Instead of having an entire surface ripped out and reinstalled, you can choose a system called SunRestore that is perfect for stamped concrete repair. What makes this system unique and so valuable is the fact that in addition to minor surface imperfections, it can also tackle major rehabilitation projects.

Instead of feeling like you have no options other than a new concrete pour or living day to day with embarrassment because of the condition of an inside floor or outdoor surface, SunRestore will come to the rescue. A professional uses this system in conjunction with a broad range of other Sundek products. Ultimately, the transformation will meet, if not exceed, your expectations.

With stamped concrete repair using the SunRestore system, you will again feel proud of your home and eager to have people visit. This restoration process will also enhance the value of your home. For instance, if you plan to put your house on the market and a floor, patio, pool deck, or some other concrete surface looks worn and old, getting a buyer’s interest could be difficult. On the other hand, restoring a concrete surface back to new condition will make your house more marketable, thereby helping you get the asking price.

Never has there been a solution as efficient for stamped concrete repair as SunRestore. Unlike other products and systems that claim to work, this one will not disappoint you.

Concrete Resurfacing Using the SunStamp System by Sundek

Residential Stamped Concrete

Concrete Resurfacing using Sunstamp

Are you tired of looking at the floors in your home? Do you feel embarrassed when patrons visit your restaurant? Do you cringe every time your hotel guests head out to the pool? If you have a floor, pool deck, patio, driveway, walkway, or even wall that looks outdated or has imperfections, you can do something about it with concrete resurfacing. Of all the decorative overlays available, perhaps one of the most exciting and versatile is SunStamp, a superior product offered by Sundek.

Concrete resurfacing is an excellent solution for both residential and commercial areas, whether you’re using it indoors and outdoors. What makes SunStamp so unique is that it is the perfect combination of old-world sophistication and modern-day technology. However, for optimal results, you always want to have this product installed by an experienced and trained professional.

Using various templates and stamps along with freeform carving and innovative coloring techniques, you can have an ordinary concrete surface transformed into an incredible masterpiece. The one challenge you may face when using this product for concrete resurfacing is narrowing your choices of color and design effect down to just one look considering you have so many fantastic options.

SundekConcrete Resurfacing using Sunstamp Concrete Repair

Concrete Resurfacing using Sunstamp

To achieve the desired color, an artisan will rely on an acrylic finish coat, colored oxide, or stain. When combined with customized scoring or templates, there are endless possibilities. Instead of having the same concrete surface as other people, SunStamp allows you to create something unique yet specific to your needs.

For concrete resurfacing, an expert will either use a squeegee or trowel to apply SunSTamp on top of an existing concrete surface. Then, using his or her expertise, a stamp mat gets placed on the application, thereby creating a beautiful texture. To further enhance the look, the installer can lay an optional template down or make custom score lines before applying the stamp coat.

With SunStamp, a dull surface will be transformed into what appears like genuine wood, brick, flagstone, slate, or tile. However, as a concrete resurfacing project, there is no mess or time delay.