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The Best Decorative Concrete Systems for a Professional Business in San Antonio

Decorative Concrete Systems for an Entryway

Decorative Concrete Systems for an Entryway

When it comes to businesses like law firms, insurance companies, and talent agencies, clients expect a different caliber of service and a more professional environment. Just like in cities across the country, professional businesses in San Antonio face stiff competition.

Sundek Decorative Concrete Coffee Shop Flooring

Sundek Decorative Concrete Coffee Shop Flooring

Whether you recently started a company or feel the crunch of competition, you need a way to stand out. Without question, using the right decorative concrete systems for your San Antonio business is the best way to gain an edge over your rivals. With this, you can present your company in a professional light that clients remember and respect.

If the concrete floors have seen better days, start there. After all, because floors take up so much space and serve as the foundation for other designs, they are typically the first thing that people notice. With only mild to moderate surface imperfections, you can have an overlay like Tuscan applied or transform the appearance using a dye, such as SunDye. While unique, both decorative concrete systems produce outstanding results.

When considering one of the many decorative concrete overlay systems for your San Antonio business, you want to select something that best represents your company. Take Tuscan as a prime example. A skilled artisan applies this overlay by hand, so you end up with one-of-a-kind floors. In other words, no other business like yours will have the same flooring solution.

Since an artisan hand-trowels this textured overlay, you can choose to transform more than just the floors in your San Antonio company. You can also change the look and feel of walls. Besides concrete, this specific overlay works incredibly well on stucco, brick, drywall, and more.

Dye is another one of the decorative concrete systems worth considering for your San Antonio business. Whether applied over bare concrete or an overlay, the chosen color will mesmerize your clients. When you choose from the abundance of rich earth tones, your new floors will make a positive statement regarding the quality of service you provide.

Use a Concrete Coating to Add Bright Color to a San Antonio Project

SunCanvas Micro-topping Restaurant Floor

Restaurant Floors Stand Out Using a Sundek Concrete Coating

Concrete coating on walkway with bright color

Concrete coating on walkway with bright color

While some outdoor concrete surfaces need to look elegant and sophisticated, others require color and vibrancy. If you have a project at your San Antonio home or business that needs one or more bold and sassy colors, it is essential that you choose the right concrete coating. That way, you end up with a surface that looks like what you envisioned and will provide years of flawless service.

Following are some examples of how you can use a product like SunColor at your San Antonio home or business. Remember, with the right concrete coating, some creativity, and an expert installer, anything is possible.

  • Basketball and Handball Courts – Instead of having a boring black surface, give your basketball or handball court a new look using a brightly colored concrete coating. You can select your favorite color or perhaps design the court using colors of your favorite sports team. Regardless of what you decide to do, the outcome will amaze you. If wanted, you can use more than one color to have a one-of-a-kind design created.
  • Pool Deck – Especially a hotel pool or one at a local fitness center, you have the opportunity to do something extraordinary. During the summer, kids want to visit places that are fun and exciting. With vibrantly colored concrete coating at a San Antonio facility combined with a unique design, you can expect to see your business grow substantially just by changing the pool decking.
  • Outdoor Walkway – Whether leading up to your San Antonio home or business, nothing captures the eye like vibrant color. For a residential property, a bold concrete coating will make it easy for people to find your home when visiting. For a business, your company will stand out from all the rest, making it memorable.

With so many possibilities using colored concrete coatings in San Antonio, why would you want a surface that looks dull and boring?

Exciting Possibilities Using Colored Concrete for Your San Antonio Pool Hall

Interior Concrete Flooring

Interior Concrete Flooring

Unfortunately, many pool hall owners make the same mistake. They think because of low lighting and with multiple pool tables set up around the space, there is no reason to pay much attention to the flooring system. The fact is that the right floor enhances the business, making it more appealing to customers.

For instance, by using colored concrete in your San Antonio pool hall, the lighting reflects off the floor’s incredible shine. That makes the interior space more visually interesting and vibrant. Colored floors are also an excellent marketing strategy. If your pool hall has a specific color scheme, you can carry that throughout. Without realizing it, people relate those colors to your specific pool hall, which increases business.

Another great thing about colored concrete on the floors of your San Antonio pool hall is that you can create virtually any aura that you want. If you have more of an upscale business, you would probably choose warm or natural colors. However, if your establishment caters to entire families, you can go with vibrant and fun colors.

Colored Flakes for Epoxy Flooring

Colored Flakes for Epoxy Flooring

When talking about colored concrete for your San Antonio pool hall, keep in mind that your options vary depending on the type of product. As an example, if you select SunCanvas, a top-of-the-line overlay, you have a myriad of color choices, such as Artisan Clay, Old English Red, Urban Slate, and Rich Earth. You can even have this overlay antiqued, which gives you additional color options.

With so many color, texture, and pattern options, you can create the perfect look for your pool hall. Best of all, there is no reason to have the existing floor torn out and reinstalled if you choose an overlay. Instead, you and your customers can enjoy the incredible new look and feel inside your establishment in one to two days.

Enhancing Curb Appeal with the Right Concrete Finish at a San Antonio Home

Decorative Concrete Finish Around an Entryway

Decorative Concrete Finish Around an Entryway

If you own the house that people make unpleasant comments about while walking or driving by, you have a viable way of enhancing curb appeal. With the right concrete finish at your San Antonio home, people will notice. You also will experience a sense of pride every time you pull into the driveway.

While painting or siding your home, adding landscaping, and installing new light fixtures helps, unless you do something about a worn walkway, porch, or driveway, there is only a modest improvement to curb appeal. Even superior-quality concrete can eventually develop surface imperfections, fade, and show signs of wear and tear. To change the way your property looks from the road, you need a beautiful and functional concrete finish at your San Antonio home.

Boost Curb Appeal with SunSand

Although you have several options, consider a product called SunSand. This solution will not only transform the appearance of various concrete surfaces but also enhance their functionality. With this product, small textured components, like aluminum oxide or glass beads, create a stunning effect for other Sundek finishes.

Stamped concrete repair

Stamped concrete repair

Whenever the sun hits the surface, it sparkles. When people walk or drive by, there will be no way for them to ignore the beauty of the new concrete finish at your San Antonio home. Based on the look you want to achieve, you can have the installer broadcast a slight amount or a denser volume of SunSand. Along with enhanced curb appeal, you end up with a slip-resistant surface that dramatically reduces the risk of someone falling when wet.

As for functionality, this product is incredible. With the project complete, the newly coated surface becomes protective against salt, weather, and even environmental pollutants. Because it can withstand a lot of abuse, you will not have to worry about deterioration for a long time. Also, since cleaning and maintenance are a breeze, you can maintain excellent curb appeal with little effort.

Creative Uses for Decorative Concrete in San Antonio

Decorative concrete with Tuscan Finish

Decorative concrete with Tuscan Finish

If you have any knowledge of decorative concrete, then you know that people often use it to enhance or change the appearance of driveways, walkways, pool decks, patios, and interior flooring. However, you may not realize there are many additional possibilities when using decorative concrete in San Antonio.


Because experts can apply some products like Tuscan on more than just concrete, the sky is the limit as to what you can accomplish. For instance, this product works well on stucco, drywall, brick, cinder block, foam, and other materials. Not only that, but you can use it on both horizontal and vertical surfaces, inside and outside of the home. That means you can completely change almost anything.

One option is to transform the look of your fireplace surrounds. All you need to do is select the color and texture that works best. To determine that, consider the style and size of the fireplace, the design of the room, and even your décor. If you want to take things to a higher level, you can also have this product applied to the brick portion of your fireplace. The result is a one-of-a-kind look that everyone loves.

Another great option is to use Tuscan to transform the look of an old retaining wall that depreciates the value of your patio.

Patio Stamped ConcreteStains and Dyes

Another creative idea is to have a unique design or color added to the front of the steps leading from your foyer to the upstairs bedrooms. With this decorative concrete product, you can make all the steps consistent or have a unique design element added to each one. In addition to enhancing the stairs, this will make the entire foyer in your San Antonio home pop.


As for flooring, SunCanvas is hard to beat. The remarkable thing about this product is that it creates a marbled look. In addition, since it produces a seamless and hypoallergenic surface, it is perfect for homes with small children.