Choosing a Decorative Concrete Coating That Gives Life to A Restaurant Floor

Day after day, your team comes to work at a San Antonio restaurant, working hard to service customers. In looking around, you notice that the walls, floors, and ceiling are white, making the environment look more like a sterile hospital than a trendy restaurant. You can change this by having a decorative concrete coating applied to the floor. Immediately, the work environment has personality and character, which quickly rubs off on the employees.

SunCanvas Micro-topping Restaurant Floor

Restaurant Floors Stand Out Using Sundek

Today, many restaurant floors have decorative concrete finishes throughout. This simple solution is enough to have a significant impact on employee morale and productivity. Colored, textured, or patterned floors make the workplace more enjoyable, which affects how your employees work. With a better attitude and improved focus, customers are happier, which makes the restaurant more successful.

If you want to improve your restaurant and enjoy all of these benefits, plus more, give serious thought to having a decorative concrete coating installed. One option is a micro-topping called SunCanvas. This product is ideal for achieving virtually any artistic design. You might also consider the SunAcid product, which is an acid stain available in multiple colors. Due to the way the acid reacts with chemicals in the concrete, no two floors are identical.

Along with their beauty, decorative concrete coatings handle daily wear and tear with ease. Even for a large a restaurant floor in San Antonio that runs shifts around the clock, the floor will last for years. The janitorial staff will also appreciate the new flooring since daily cleaning entails nothing more than sweeping and damp mopping.

After having a decorative concrete coating installed, not only will your current employees be happier, you may need to encourage qualified people to apply as a way of supporting the growing customer base.