Having a Concrete Entryway for Your Business That Customers Will Love!

Sundek Concrete Overlay for Business

Business Concrete Overlay Design

Although Sundek of San Antonio offers many different outdoor concrete repair options, SunStone is an excellent choice for the entryway of your business. Remember, most people are visual. That means that not only do they notice things, but they also make decisions based on what they see. If your business has a concrete entryway that has started to show signs of disrepair, a lot of people will immediately assume the experience they have with you will fail to meet their standards.

Regardless of the type of industry or the size of your company, competition today is fierce. Because of that, you need to make an excellent first impression to both prospects and current customers who visit your brick-and-mortar location. Otherwise, they will make the wrong assumption, causing them to head straight for your competitors.

SunStone, a beautiful architectural coating that gets applied on top of an existing concrete surface, looks so much like real stone that no one will be able to tell the difference. When professionally installed on your concrete entryway, the entryway to your business will have an entirely new look that your customers will love. Just from that, they will expect a clean, organized, and sophisticated interior, along with superior products or services.

For outdoor concrete repair, there is no need to rip out damaged concrete. Instead, an artisan specially trained by Sundek will apply the Sunstone overlay on the surface using a trowel. If you want something unique that will make your business stand out, the installer can create virtually any custom texture that you want. You could have the surface look like tile, slate, travertine, or flagstone, or you could go with a customized design.

Also, you will love the color choices when using SunStamp to repair your business concrete entryway. A stain or oxide will enhance the stone design, making it appear even more authentic. With the project complete, you will get to see your customers respond positively.