How Concrete Overlays Change the Look and Feel of Businesses in San Antonio

Concrete Overlays

Concrete Overlays

Because of the many benefits, an increasing number of businesses in San Antonio are choosing concrete overlays. Used for resurfacing purposes, overlays eliminate the need to have an existing concrete surface removed and a new one poured. Instead, the overlay gets applied on top of an existing surface, which provides numerous advantages, including a change in aesthetics.

Regardless if you own a law firm, restaurant, laundromat, fitness center, or doctor’s office, concrete overlays can transform your San Antonio business. Not only are overlays used for outdoor applications, they can be used indoors, including on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

A fascinating aspect of concrete overlays is that instead of repairing small surface imperfections before the application, the decorative concrete coating helps hide them. In fact, small cracks and pits become an integral part of the overall design. Whether you choose Tuscan, Classic Texture, SunStamp, or another overlay, the surface will look brand new. As imagined, this will change the entire look and feel of your San Antonio business.

Concrete overlays come in a broad range of color options. Rather than a dull or outdated flooring system, you can select whatever complements your color scheme or theme. For instance, if you want floors in your San Antonio CPA firm resurfaced, you can choose from a host of sophisticated colors. For an arcade, you can go with bolder colors that make the atmosphere fun and inviting.

A professional installer can also create several impressive design effects in concrete overlays. With score lines, saw cuts, and other methods, the installer can give your floor incredible personality and character. If you own an automotive dealership in San Antonio, you could stick with a simple texture that looks beautiful yet keeps the showroom cars as the focal point. On the other hand, if you have a daycare, bolder textures will add interest that the children will love.