Concrete Resurfacing Using the SunStamp System by Sundek

Residential Stamped Concrete

Concrete Resurfacing using Sunstamp

Are you tired of looking at the floors in your home? Do you feel embarrassed when patrons visit your restaurant? Do you cringe every time your hotel guests head out to the pool? If you have a floor, pool deck, patio, driveway, walkway, or even wall that looks outdated or has imperfections, you can do something about it with concrete resurfacing. Of all the decorative overlays available, perhaps one of the most exciting and versatile is SunStamp, a superior product offered by Sundek.

Concrete resurfacing is an excellent solution for both residential and commercial areas, whether you’re using it indoors and outdoors. What makes SunStamp so unique is that it is the perfect combination of old-world sophistication and modern-day technology. However, for optimal results, you always want to have this product installed by an experienced and trained professional.

Using various templates and stamps along with freeform carving and innovative coloring techniques, you can have an ordinary concrete surface transformed into an incredible masterpiece. The one challenge you may face when using this product for concrete resurfacing is narrowing your choices of color and design effect down to just one look considering you have so many fantastic options.

SundekConcrete Resurfacing using Sunstamp Concrete Repair

Concrete Resurfacing using Sunstamp

To achieve the desired color, an artisan will rely on an acrylic finish coat, colored oxide, or stain. When combined with customized scoring or templates, there are endless possibilities. Instead of having the same concrete surface as other people, SunStamp allows you to create something unique yet specific to your needs.

For concrete resurfacing, an expert will either use a squeegee or trowel to apply SunSTamp on top of an existing concrete surface. Then, using his or her expertise, a stamp mat gets placed on the application, thereby creating a beautiful texture. To further enhance the look, the installer can lay an optional template down or make custom score lines before applying the stamp coat.

With SunStamp, a dull surface will be transformed into what appears like genuine wood, brick, flagstone, slate, or tile. However, as a concrete resurfacing project, there is no mess or time delay.