Exciting Outdoor Applications for Colored Concrete in San Antonio

Colored concrete on a patioLiving in San Antonio, there is a good chance that you spend lots of time outdoors with family and friends. Instead of an ordinary space, you can use colored concrete to enhance the outdoor living experience. The best colors, patterns, and textures will completely transform your entire yard.

The patio is one of the most popular applications in San Antonio for colored concrete. Because there are so many unique decorative concrete solutions, you have the opportunity to create a patio that is unlike any other. For example, using a product called SunStamp, a professional installer can use more than one color to produce subtle or extravagant patterns or designs on the floor.

However, you can also choose this product and many others to complete the look of your patio by having colored concrete applied to walls, a fireplace surround, water feature, fire pit, and multiple other surfaces. If your patio has an outdoor kitchen, including a built-in oven and countertops, colored concrete that matches or complements the rest of the design would look stunning.

You can change the appearance of your pool deck with colored concrete, as well. For this, you might consider SunH20, which comes in a broad range of colors. For the main pool deck area, you can choose a single color or have two or more colors applied for a unique aesthetic. Around the pool or for concrete seats and a swim-up bar, a different color or color combination would create an interesting yet cohesive look.

You can also enhance a walkway using colored concrete. However, to prevent people from slipping and falling as they walk between the pool and patio, you might want exposed aggregate added. Not only would this give the path a one-of-a-kind aesthetic, the small river rocks or cobblestones would provide a nonslip surface.