Give Your San Antonio Daycare Center a Much-Needed Boost with Color Flake Epoxy Floors

Garage floor Epoxy San Antonio

Garage floor Epoxy San Antonio

As the owner of a daycare center in San Antonio, you want to provide the children in your care with a fun and safe environment. You take every precaution to protect the kids from injury and illness. At the same, you give them a space full of color. Although parents trust bringing their children to you and you love caring for the little ones, you have started to notice that your concrete floors look dull and lifeless.

Even if you see small surface imperfections, there is no reason to have the entire floor ripped out. As you can imagine, that would shut down your business for weeks, if not longer. Instead, consider an epoxy coating. Along with a broad range of color and color combinations, you can give your San Antonio daycare center a much-needed boost by selecting color flake epoxy using a product like SunChip.

In addition to the incredible shine, the kids will love the small color flakes that sparkle. You can even choose from different multicolored chips based on the look you want to achieve or to coordinate with an existing theme. For instance, if your daycare center in San Antonio has a beach or island theme, Independence Blue color flake epoxy is perfect. However, if you have a nature theme, Rare Earth and Dolphin make excellent choices.

Keep in mind that in addition to completely transforming the appearance of your San Antonio daycare center, color flake epoxy gives you a durable floor that can withstand all types of things. You would never have to worry about spilled drinks, dropped toys, abrasions from them moving desks or other furniture around, and more.

Epoxy also has a nonslip surface, which significantly decreases the risk of a child falling and sustaining an injury. Offering beauty, durability, and safety, epoxy floors with colorful chips added are a great way to transform the appearance and functionality of your daycare center.