Stained Concrete Can Transform Literally Any Room of Your San Antonio Home

Interior stained concrete flooring

Interior stained concrete flooring

If you thought that stained concrete was just for certain rooms of the home, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can use this decorating coating virtually anywhere. Whether you are interested in transforming the look and feel of the basement, foyer, kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, children’s rooms, and so on in your San Antonio home, you will never go wrong with this flooring solution.

Something else that you may find surprising is that an expert can install stained concrete on any concrete surface. In addition to floors, you can transform a fireplace surround, stairways, walls, countertops, and even surfaces on the exterior.

For a formal dining room or hearth room in your San Antonio home, you might consider a product called SunH20. Not only is this specialized blend beautiful, the formula includes a unique adhesion promoter. As a result, the coating sticks incredibly well to give you a long-lasting surface. This product is available in gorgeous colors that are perfect for enhancing an elegant or cozy room of the home.

To transform a younger or older boy’s bedroom, SunStamp is perfect. Available in bright and lively colors, such as blue, teal, and green, this coating will add personality and character that your child will love. With the right decorations, your son’s bedroom will quickly become his favorite place in the house for playing and sleeping.

This same product is ideal for a master bedroom or foyer. For the master bedroom in your San Antonio home, instead of choosing just one color, a professional installer can apply a primary color and then use a secondary color to create a unique design or borders. In the foyer area, you could choose two complementary colors to create a geometric pattern. With the right stained concrete products, there are endless possibilities.