Stamped Overlays Perfect for Capturing the Essence of Relaxation in Day Spas

Stamped Overlays

Stamped Overlays

When you think of a day spa, the word “relaxation” comes to mind. People in Bexar County who visit spas want pampering and the ultimate experience of tranquility. Along with excellent services, day spas need the right décor and an overall atmosphere that looks warm and peaceful. A unique way to accomplish that goal is with stamped overlays.

Considering that the floor covers the entire day spa and serves as the foundation on which everything else gets built, the way it looks and feels is essential for creating a sense of relaxation. A stamped overlay provides several incredible benefits, making it the perfect choice.

For one thing, stamped overlays can transform an outdated, dull, or slightly damaged concrete floor into a true masterpiece. Instead of a day spa owner in Bexar County shutting the business down for days or possibly weeks to have a new floor installed, an expert applies overlays on top of what is already there. That alone gives this flooring system a considerable advantage over others.

However, there is another reason why stamped overlays are ideal for this type of environment. A product like SunStamp creates what appears as natural materials, including brick, wood, cobblestone, flagstone, slate, and river rock. In fact, the floor looks so much like the real thing that no one can tell the difference.

With such versatility, day spa owners can select the aesthetic that coordinates with the theme or atmosphere that they want to achieve. For a more casual and homey feel, wood is perfect. For a spa that has a European flair, either cobblestone or brick is great. However, when creating an upscale aesthetic, slate and flagstone are top choices. Instead of providing guests with an ordinary experience, Bexar County day spas can offer a unique experience that is 100 percent relaxing.