Sundek Classic Texture: The Top Choice of Professional Pool Builders in Comal County

Classic texture

Classic texture

Homebuilders, architects, and professional contractors have long recommended Sundek Classic Texture for clients who want a gorgeous outdoor living space or patio. This finish enhances any design aesthetic, whether contemporary, elegant, chic, rustic, or something else.

Expert pool builders in Comal County have jumped on the bandwagon, also recommending Sundek Classic Texture for home and business owners who want to update a pool area. There are several interesting facts about this concrete overlay, including that it helped launch the decorative concrete industry. Today, professionals still turn to this product for a variety of reasons.

When it comes to standard pool decks, there are many issues. Most surfaces are uncomfortable to walk on, and they tend to get hot to the touch. There are also problems of stains that develop because of spilled food and drink, damage caused by pool chemicals, and a host of other things. With Sundek Classic Texture, these and other issues get put to rest.

There are numerous reasons why professional pool builders in Comal County love this product. The surface is nonslip, which means fewer slips and falls that could lead to an injury. Compared to other concrete solutions, the surface remains cool to the touch, even on the hottest summer day. As a nonporous overlay, the surface will not stain, nor will it experience damage caused by chemicals. Also, it is easy to clean and maintain.

You can also choose from a broad range of beautiful colors that match your personal preferences, as well as any unique backyard theme. For something extraordinary, an installer can use more than one color to create unique designs or special design effects for a beautiful pattern. The bottom line is that for a pool deck, Sundek Classic Texture is unbeatable, which is why it ranks at the top of the list for Comal County pool builders.