Use a Concrete Coating to Add Bright Color to a San Antonio Project

SunCanvas Micro-topping Restaurant Floor

Restaurant Floors Stand Out Using a Sundek Concrete Coating

Concrete coating on walkway with bright color

Concrete coating on walkway with bright color

While some outdoor concrete surfaces need to look elegant and sophisticated, others require color and vibrancy. If you have a project at your San Antonio home or business that needs one or more bold and sassy colors, it is essential that you choose the right concrete coating. That way, you end up with a surface that looks like what you envisioned and will provide years of flawless service.

Following are some examples of how you can use a product like SunColor at your San Antonio home or business. Remember, with the right concrete coating, some creativity, and an expert installer, anything is possible.

  • Basketball and Handball Courts – Instead of having a boring black surface, give your basketball or handball court a new look using a brightly colored concrete coating. You can select your favorite color or perhaps design the court using colors of your favorite sports team. Regardless of what you decide to do, the outcome will amaze you. If wanted, you can use more than one color to have a one-of-a-kind design created.
  • Pool Deck – Especially a hotel pool or one at a local fitness center, you have the opportunity to do something extraordinary. During the summer, kids want to visit places that are fun and exciting. With vibrantly colored concrete coating at a San Antonio facility combined with a unique design, you can expect to see your business grow substantially just by changing the pool decking.
  • Outdoor Walkway – Whether leading up to your San Antonio home or business, nothing captures the eye like vibrant color. For a residential property, a bold concrete coating will make it easy for people to find your home when visiting. For a business, your company will stand out from all the rest, making it memorable.

With so many possibilities using colored concrete coatings in San Antonio, why would you want a surface that looks dull and boring?